Best Wholesale Bakery in San Diego

    It is PF Bakery's pride to serve every customer fresh products with the highest quality ingredients.

    Those who have tried our products will agree that we are the best whole sale bakery in San Deigo. Having the FDA certification in the bag, we have ensured food safety, food quality, and world-class food preparation methods.

    PF bakeries is rooted in integrity, fostering honest core values, we believe in the art of homemade baked goods. That’s why we never skimp, and we handcraft everything we do with high quality, natural, and locally-sourced ingredients. 

    From artfully crafted Pita, hand made Pita Chips to Custom Cakes, Cookies, Danishes, Brownies, Bagels, Rugelach, Challah, Pie's and Babke, we do it all! 

    Our dedication to providing delicious bread solutions to both the retail and food services environment continues to tantalize taste buds nationwide. 

    PF Pita Bread

    PF Pita Bread

    Our authentic Lebanese pita bread is made from high quality, Kosher, and...